Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Spend Less September: Hair Styling Products

The latest casualty in my bathroom is my Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam, a coconut-scented conditioning mousse. I used it to hold my curls in place while they air dried, to help prevent frizz (and also because it smelled nice).

I've replaced it, curiously, with a gel. Yes, a gel! I've never bought a gel before. Never really thought it was a useful product for long haired girls, only really there for short-haired boys. But I'd heard on a few curly-hair boards that gel can be a great way to get the level of hold that provides well defined frizz-less curls; in the spirit of experimentation I've purchased L'Oreal Mineral Control Invisi'Gel. Apparently it won't build up in the hair and contains minerals "to care for" the hair.

A little bit (very little, a blob about the size of a 5p piece for my head of thick, below-shoulder-length hair) distributed evenly through the hair and scrunched in leaves my hair well defined and only slightly crunchy - and that can easily be scrunched out.

Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam: £6.60 for 200ml
L'Oreal Invisi'Gel: £3.42 for 150ml
Total saving: £3.18

£3.18 doesn't look like a large saving, but comparing the amount of gel I used in one go to the amount of mousse I used to use, I suspect that the gel will last much longer. Also, the gel is much easier to get hold of - available at Boots, Tesco, Waitrose... Assuming my hair still looks clean and lovely for the next couple of days, I'll be pleased with this swap too.

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