Friday, 25 September 2009

Lush "Synaesthesia" Spa Treatment

I was having a little browse on the Lush website this morning when I saw an article about a new spa treatment Lush are offering. The "Synaesthesia" massage mixes massage, aromatherapy, light and music to create a treatment that involves all of the senses.

This sounds pretty interesting to me - music is usually there just to provide some background, but with this treatment, it seems that the music is a central part - movements are coordinated to it.

Available in four locations (Leeds, Poole, the Kings Road London and Kingston-upon-Thames), this is Lush's first foray into providing treatments, and having watched the video, I'm keen to try it out (luckily my nearest lush is in Kingston, where the massage is available!).

Prices aren't given on the website; next time I pop into Lush, I'll get some more details, and funds allowing, try it out in the name of research! You can get more information from the Lush Spa article here.

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