Thursday, 13 August 2009

A Small Rant On The Subject Of Shampoo

While I have a large stockpile of 6 conditioners (some of them salon size, oh yes), I have a smaller collection of shampoos - two, in fact. And one of them - my Redken Colour Extend shampoo - is only about a third full. The other shampoo is Bumble and Bumble's Coconut shampoo, which is lovely, but not quite as rich and colour-protecting as the Redken offering.

So, when my husband leaves his shampoo (Wash and Go Sport - who knew they still made it, even?) upstairs in the shower room, and washes his hair over the bath of a weekday morning, what shampoo do you think he uses? Hmm?

This has happened before, you understand. I've told him repeatedly that he shouldn't use my shampoo, but if the morning rolls around and his shampoo is missing, empty, or out of his line of sight, he uses mine. When challenged recently, his response was "But yours makes my hair feel nice". I would buy him his own posh shampoo (men's range, of course), but I suspect it will end up like the moisturiser I bought him; sat there, gathering dust, while he swears he uses it every day (ahem).

Would it be too cruel to mix a bit of my bright red Aveda conditioner in with the shampoo so his hair takes on a pinkish tint?


  1. How infuriating! My boyfriend is very particular about his "grooming" so we don't have this problem. However I gave him a tub of Clinique Superdefense SPF 25 to take to the Download festival this summer, and it came back pretty much empty. I reckon all his laddish mates had been secretly using it too.

  2. I'm impressed. My husband has had a tube of Clinique for Men moisturiser for ages, it's still full. You've trained your man well! :D


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